Caspro / Galactic Punks

Galactic Punk is the trick card in a handful of aces, proving Caspro is capable of pulling anything out of his sleeve. AAA synthwave record, through and through!...

July 01, 2019

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2019 is seeing an unprecedented amount of quality synthwave releases. Every month is finding us with a bevy of must-own albums, EPs, and singles, and I for one find it beyond exciting. Want to know what's even more exciting? When a new album is able to rise above all of that chatter, all of the other hot releases, and shine like a beacon. Galactic Punks by Caspro is one such release, and he's not just outdoing the competition...he's also topping an already impressive discography of his own work.

For starters, Caspro is one of the true innovators of synthwave. Not only is that evident here, but if you were to play his music from beginning to end you'd find yourself on a musical journey that wouldn't repeat itself. He's got more tricks up his sleeve than a back alley card shark, and Galactic Punks is that fifth ace you never saw coming. It ticks all the boxes, makes some new ones, and ticks those too. With thrilling twists and turns, Caspro has bent the genre to his will and proves he's one of the true names in synthwave...a name synonymous with pure musical quality.

Want to know something else you get with the Caspro name? Class. He's one of the genuine good guys of the music scene and I can't that loudly enough. This is the kind of artist who pushes others to succeed, whether it helps his brand or not. That's the magic here, he's not just out for himself, and because of that he's made himself into something bigger than what he could have been otherwise. Want to take a look at that magic? Head over to Bandcamp right now! Seriously, I can't get over how amazing this record is!!! Did I mention Stilz and Your Sister is a Werewolf make appearances? Get outta here!

James Mitchell

Published July 01, 2019

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