Artist You Should Know: Terrordyne

I bring you Terrordyne, an artist pumping new life into the synthwave scene with basslines so good they have to be heard to be believed!...

June 26, 2019

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Sometimes I run across an artist that impresses me so much I have to do a bigger article than a normal review, especially if they're a new artist I think you need to put on your radar. That brings me to the subject of this particular post, Terrordyne. As soon as I hit play, the first song I heard had my ears perked up and 100% of my attention. Once I realized he had more stand alone singles AND a full length record, I knew I had to get his music into your ears too. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

The first song that I heard was the latest Terrordyne single, "Muscle Beach, Venice." What impressed me right off was how simple it was...and I don't mean that as any sort of slight. Over production is a song killer, especially when you already have the bones of something great on your hands. It oozes neon rays, sunshine, and legitimate beach vibe, but that bassline is what hooked me. It's a through and through body mover and truly sets the track apart.

A few weeks before the release of "Muscle Beach, Venice," Terrordyne released a track called "Rebirth." It's got a markedly darker sound to it but something it has in common with its partner is one amazing bassline. I'm talking bassline that just doesn't quit. Bassline that shames others out there, not intentionally, but just because it's so, so good. "Rebirth" is officially my favorite Castlevania: Symphony of the Night level BGM that wasn't actually on the soundtrack. Yes, it's that good.

This brings us to the Terrordyne full length that came out in May of this year. Wrong Turn chronicles the story of a detective that is trying to solve a mysterious case, and it does a great job of making the listener feel like they're a part of the plot. The sense of foreboding, tightly wound tension, and an atmosphere that has you looking over your shoulder all lend to an interactive listening experience. Much like the singles I just discussed, Terrordyne proves himself to be the master of the bassline. I mean, I shouldn't be surprised...his Bandcamp page claims that he creates groovy basslines and dreamy synths. It's not false advertisement.

If you haven't figured it out yet, Terrordyne needs to be pumping through your speakers, preferably a set with a wide bass range. He's proven himself to me as a serious artist with a truly unique sound, and that's getting harder and harder to do with more fish in the pond than ever before. Head over to Bandcamp now and check out what he's got on offer!

James Mitchell

Published June 26, 2019

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