Alphabot / The Program

"The Program" by Alphabot taps into the Hotline Miami era of synthwave and has me chomping at the bit for more!...

August 14, 2019

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With a song that is very reminiscent of the Hotline Miami soundtrack, "The Program" by Alphabot absolutely nails the landing. It weaves in and out, distorts off key, and comes back around again in away that is not only satisfying, it scratches a synthwave itch that I've had for quite some time. As much as I absolutely adored the Hotline Miami soundtrack, you just don't hear songs like that anymore. It may have kicked off the careers of some of the big names in the business, but none of them sound like that time period anymore. I love that Alphabot has tapped into the roots of the genre and put his own spin on things. I'll be keeping my eyes on this act, for sure!

James Mitchell

Published August 14, 2019

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