Alpha Chrome Yayo / Komorebi

Proving there is NOTHING he can't tackle, Alpha Chrome Yayo's Komorebi gives us the best immersive ambient experience this side of Tangerine Dream...

August 17, 2019

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Artwork incorporates an image of artist and professor, Roger Shimomura - Used with permission

Unless you've been hiding under a rock somewhere, you have to have heard the name Alpha Chrome Yayo. Even if you've been hiding under a rock, I promise that I've been shouting out his releases loud enough for you to hear about them! He easily one of the most diverse artists on the scene, and his latest work, Komorebi, further expands his growing portfolio. Alpha Chrome Yayo has dabbled in just about any subgenre of synth music you can imagine, and when I say "dabble," I really mean sets the bar. I've yet to hear a release that hasn't impressed me, and if his musical prowess wasn't enough, he continues to be one of the sincerest and most supportive artists out there. How he hasn't gotten a big head at this point is beyond me, but I'm really glad he's kept himself grounded.

So, what sets Komorebi out from the pack? For starters, Alpha Chrome Yayo used a kernel of inspiration, the Japanese word "Komorebi" - the phenomenon of sunbeams filtering through trees...the interplay of light and leaves. This alone is a brilliant source of material, but he's not content, he's used it as his palette, a place to begin. On top of this he's layered his love of artists like Terje Rypdal, Vangelis, David Shire, Ryo Fukui and their immersive scores (I'm going to throw in Tangerine Dream here too). He has also been inspired by the work of artist Roger Shimomura, who also graces the artwork (you can find out more about him HERE). The resulting experience is so deep, so moving, and so well written, it becomes a real and breathing thing. Something that fills your room with a sort of magic, well, like light filtering through trees. Out now on Bandcamp (where you're going to get exclusive artwork for each track!)

James Mitchell

Published August 17, 2019

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