Why storm Area 51 when Acid Gambit is bringing Area 51 to you with Entity?...

September 15, 2019

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Why storm Area 51 when Acid Gambit brings all the trappings of alien activity, government cover-ups, hybrid beings, and sightings in the night sky to your speakers without the risk of being arrested by men in suits wearing dark shades. All jokes aside, in the niche of music that Acid Gambit has carved out for himself, there is absolutely nobody better, and Entity continues to cement that fact. It's no coincidence that Entity is about a 1950's attempt to replace the human race with alien hybrids, because Acid Gambit's music is very much a hybrid of darksynth, EBM, and the fringes of experimental industrial music.

Before you even press play, go ahead and get yourself some sort of neck, or maybe a pillow...something cushion your head. Why? Because Entity hits HARD. The beats that weave in and out of every single track on the record will have you banging your head, guaranteed. I'm having trouble typing because I'm bobbing my head as I write up this review. The hooks that Acid Gambit has concocted here are top shelf...I'm talking legendary level. Had Entity been released in the late 80's or early 90's alongside other EBM albums by Front 242, Front Line Assembly, and Nitzer Ebb, we'd be talking about Acid Gambit as a revered, legendary icon, and that's no hyperbole or lip service. He's really that good.

I think where Acid Gambit really shines is his how he pulls the best possible samples and matches them with the exact right time in the tailor made track. I'm not sure how he juggles it all in his head, but the end result oozes paranoia and a FEEL that is exclusive to Acid Gambit's music. Entity's 11 tracks highlight how tuned he is to his craft, and it stands as his best work to date (and for the record, I absolutely love his last two releases as well).

Entity is OUT NOW and you can grab it on digital, limited edition cassette, or limited edition compact disc. Like I said when I started off the review...why go to Area 51 when Acid Gambit is bringing Area 51 to you?

James Mitchell

Published September 15, 2019

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